Blauberg Freshbox image


This is an image for Raspberry Pi with pre-installed Blauberg Freshbox software w/5 licenses. If you purchased Blauberg units from us you get 75% discount when you enter the coupon code.


This is a Blauberg Freshbox image for the Raspberry Pi, 3 or 4.
Contains: Mosquitto MQTT broker,
Python 3.9, PM2 -prosess manager, 5 licenses for Blauberg Freshbox 100 or 200.
The image is prepared for remote control with SSH and FTP.
All you have to do is download the image (3Gb) from our Ftp server and burn it to a 32Gb(or greater) SD disk.
After you have edited the info in the cfg files you are good to go!
Then you boot your Pi and log on.




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