Fish Trap

Blomkvist ITK as has developed an AI fish trap with the following capabilities:
It can identify salmon, trout, pink salmon, char, farmed salmon, rainbow trout and smolt.

The detection occurs within a fraction of a second and a gate in the trapping cage opens
according to a predefined plan.
Unwanted fish species are led into an enclosure where they are harvested once a day, and desired species are allowed to freely go up the river.

Because there is often a lack of electric grid where the traps are to be placed, another power source is needed.
We have solved this by combining solar cells and battery banks that can be recharged regularly as the battery banks are placed on a small trailer.
Solar panels are placed both on the trailer’s chapel, and on top of the trapping cage in the river.
Because the system has to run continuously, we have a backup battery bank that supplies the system with power while the large bank is recharged at a suitable location.
Then the backup battery bank and computer system are lifted out of the trailer until it comes back fully charged the next day.
Then it is replaced again, and the backup bank is taken to recharge.
This is how we keep the system in continuous operation.
At the same time, video from the trap can be monitored online, and all parameters such as number of fish and species detected, battery condition and solar cell charging.
There is also live port status to see along with the status of the computer system.
Communication goes via 4g so you can sit at home on the sofa and follow along.
The main batteries can hold the system up for 10 days straight, while the backup bank can keep it up for barely 2 days (with battery switch another day).
Solar charging will extend this significantly.
Possibly we leave the trap open and only use it for registration of other fish in the river outside pink salmon years.
The system can of course be connected to any manual fish trap currently in use.

In the media: Kronstadposten 22/6-23.

We got demo of system:

password: fiskefelle