Airthings Wave/Waveplus Smart House Controller image

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This is an image for Raspberry Pi with pre-installed and pre-configured software.
The following software is installed: Mosquitto Mqtt broker, Python 3.7.2, Iobroker w / Node Red and Mqtt client, PM2 (Process Manager 2), FTP server and SSH.
A total of 15 licenses for Airthings Wave v1, v2 and Waveplus are installed and ready for use.




This image is designed to read data from Airthings Wave and Waveplus devices and publish them to a Mqtt broker. Data is pulles locally by Bluetooth or from the Airthings Dashboard(Cloud).Thus, they are available for use by most automation systems on the market today.
The image fits the Raspberry 3 or 4.
The image includes 5 licenses for Wave v1, Wave v2 and Waveplus devices, a total of 15 units.
The licenses are already installed.

Pre-installed programs are Mosquitto Mqtt broker, Pm2 (process manager 2), SSH, FTP server and iobroker.

All you have to do is download the image (2.8Gb) and burn it to a 32Gb SD disk.
Then you boot your Pi and log on.

There you only have to scan for airthings devices and edit the cfg files, and then you’re good to go.
On the download page you will find detailed instructions on how to do this.



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