Smart house Software for Airthings Wave units.


Software to extract data from AirThings WavePlus devices.
Extracted data can be used to control ventilation, heat and other parameters.
Requires an Mqtt broker and Python 3.5 or higher. Runs on Linux.


Software that extracts real-time data from Airthings Wave and publishes it to an MQTT broker. From here, they can be imported into an automation system that supports Mqtt, and most systems on the market today does. We have used HomeSeer Hs3 with the mcsMQTT plugin with great success. Compatible with HomeSeer, Home Assistant, Homey, Fibaro HC3, Node Red, Iobroker, OpenHAB and others. Once the data has been imported, rules can be set for the control of ventilation, heat, air purifier, humidifier, radon trap and other equipment. The program requires an Mqtt broker such as Mosquitto and Python 3.5 and higher. Can only run on linux cause its dependent on the bluepy library. Tested on Pi and Ubuntu. Two versions available, one for wave1 units and one for wave2 units.

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