Raspberry Pi Mqtt Controller image

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This is an image for Raspberry Pi with pre-installed and preconfigured software.
The following software is installed: Mosquitto Mqtt broker, Python 3.7.2, Iobroker w / Node Red and Mqtt client, PM2 (Process Manager 2), FTP server and SSH


This image is made to be able to easily handle all our Mqtt programs (Blauberg, Airthings, Netatmo etc.) as well as all other python based programs and Mqtt based programs.

Fits Raspberry 3 and 4.

Pre-installed programs are Mosquitto Mqtt broker, Pm2 (process manager 2), SSH, FTP server and

All you have to do is download the image (2.8Gb) and burn it to a 32Gb SD disk.
Then you boot your Pi and log on.

You also need to purchase licenses for the programs you want to run.
The licenses are uploaded via FTP and entered into PM2.
On the download page you will find detailed instructions on how to do this.


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