Welcome to  Blomkvist ITKs Net Shop!

Here you can find lots of products related to a healty indoor environment and home automation.
Fact is that the indoor environment can be up to 10 times more polluted than outdoors, and we spend
most of our lives indoor! So our focus is to improve the indoor environment.
We have developed  software to monitor and control Blauberg Wifi units and compatibles
like Vents Twinfresh Wifi units and Flexit Roomie One wifi units.
For Netatmo’s weather station and Healty Home Coach units, we have mqtt software ready as well.
We got control and monitor software for Xiaomi Air Purifier and Roborock vaccum cleaner ready.
And we are  working with environment sensors to develop software to make them connectable to
the home automation systems.

We have also developed mqttt / ftp software for the popular Ring Video Doorbell device as well as software to control numerous other devices connected to home automation.

All this can be found in the netshop by searching for Software.

We deliver software to most countries in the world!

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