Xiaomi Air Humidifier Smart House software


Mqtt control and monitoring software for Xiaomi’s air humidifier. Compatible with windows, linux, Mac and other OS which support Python 3.5+.
Make it possible to control by voice with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri (with Homebridge).


MQTT control and monitor software for Xiaomi’s air humidifier. Compatible with HomeSeer, Home Assistant, Homey, Fibaro HC3, Node Red, Iobroker, OpenHAB and others.Helps you control the air humidification in your home or office. Can give you a waring when the water level is too low and needs refill. Can be hooked up to automation systems which supports MQTT as HomeSeer Hs3 and others. Can also be used from an app which supports the mqtt protocol on your phone or pc.

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