Smart House software for Blauberg wifi v.2 units


MQTT licenses to monitor and control one v.2 fan or a cluster of v.2 fans in a master/slave setup with the MQTT protocol. Compatible with Vents Twinfresh Wifi v.2,
Flexit Roomie One Wifi v.2  and Duka One S6W units.
Support Linux, Windows and MacOs.
Overpressure mode (Fireplace mode and anti Radon mode) and negative pressure mode (for technical rooms) ready!
Make it possible to control by voice with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri (with Homebridge).


Fan2Mqtt and Mqtt2Fan monitor and controls wifi heat recovery devices with the powerful MQTT protocol. A protocol used by most automation systems on the market today. Like for example. Homeseer, Home Assistant, Homey, Fibaro HC3, Node Red, Iobroker and OpenHAB. Compatible with Blauberg Expert Wifi v.2, Vents Twinfresh Wifi v.2, Flexit Roomie One Wifi v.2 and Duka One S6W/S6BW units. We have ready monitor and control software to link these fans up against a mqtt broker (server). This means that they can be monitored and controlled individually or in groups from any mqtt client with rights and access to the server. The programs runs on a suitable PC, Mac or Linux device as eg Raspberry Pi. A session must be connected per fan you wish to control. The controller and fan should be in the same network, otherwise it must be routed so that the controller reaches both the fan and the server. The best solution is to have a controller for each wifi network. The controller must be able to run Python ver  3 and must have installed the MQTT library and the python-six library. The Mqtt broker (server) can be local or public. For example, I use a controller for wifi (raspberry Pi w / several mqtt2fan processes controlled by pm2 (process manager). In addition, I have a controller on a virtual Pi for office wifi and fans. Requires: MQTT Broker (eg Mosquitto). Raspberry Pi or other Linux controller, Mac or PC that can run Python. Wifi network. One or more Blauberg Expert Wifi v.2, Vents Twinfresh Wifi v.2, Duka One S6W or Flexit Roomie One Wifi v.2 units. One license for each fan you wish to control. If you buy one or more Blauberg Vento Expert Wifi v.2 units you get a 75% discount on the licenses! If you have purchased a license and want more, contact us and we will expand to two or more licenses. Its not possible to use two 1-license modules against one broker. Then you have to have a 1-license module and a 2-license module. etc. If you have the old type v.1 with its own software (Mqtt), you can synchronize both types of fans. That is, if you issue the blauberg / set / fan / all / combine = s1r command then all the fans will switch to speed1 and regeneration!   There are a number of commands common to the fans. For example, you can get all the fans facing north to go in one mode while all facing a different direction or floor may go in a different mode! In the event of a fire in the building, you can cause all the fans to ventilate and drain the building of air so that the fire is dampened. If you use air quality sensors then you can use these controls to control the fans If the outdoor air is heavily polluted (smoke, gas, etc.) then you can close all the fans on the side of the building in question. And if the indoor air is very bad, all the fans can be run on ventilation while you have a window or a door open, or run 50% of the fans on ventilation and 50% on supply! And on a hot summer day, you can catch cooler air from the shade of the house from the fans that are there. This will also relieve the AC system and save power. On cold winter days, the device helps to relieve the heat pump so that it does not need to run fully. Fireplace mode: The over pressure Mode(fireplace and anti radon) and under pressure mode(for wc and tech rooms) are ready  for the v.2 units. Below is a screenshot showing the montitor and control interface in HomeSeer.

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