AirVisual Software for Smarthouse


It is now possible to analyze indoor air and / or outdoor air in a simple and inexpensive way!
By purchasing one or more AirVisual Pro devices from
With this, our software together with a Smarthome system can give you the opportunity to control ventilation and give notice when the air is too bad. The program is based on Python 3+ and MQTT.
Supports both local and cloud based units.
1 license contains a program for local devices and a program for cloud-based devices.


We now have ready software to extract data from AirVisual Pro devices and then publish them to an MQTT broker. This way, they can be imported into any automation system that supports the MQTT protocol like HomeSeer, Home Assistant, Homey, Fibaro HC3, Node Red, Iobroker, OpenHAB and others. Values you get out can help manage ventilation and give tips on when the indoor / outdoor climate is too bad. Here the MQTT data is  imported into HomeSeer Hs3. And these are the devices generated by the mcsMQTT plugin in HomeSeer Hs3. Here you see an example of events based on the aqius value used to control a fan. The programs support both local and cloud-based devices. This is how you can keep track of a device at home and e.g. at the cabin.

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