Fitbit Heart Rate Monitoring and warning -Software


Software to port heart rate data to a Mqtt broker for prosessing in an automation system. Possibility to define warnings with Pushover.


This software is based on the Python-fitbit-master library, and logs your heart rate continuosly(every min), and publish them to a Mqtt broker. Its a 24H logging(from midnight to midnight). Then it is possible to import them into an automation system such as  HomeSeer, Home Assistant, Homey, Fibaro HC3, Node Red, Iobroker, OpenHAB and others to prosess them further. You may want to set up notification or an action if the selected limit values are exceeded. Requires a Fitbit activity band/watch that logs heartbeat. You must register  your app on Fitbit. This must be paired with a smartphone that has the Fitbit App installed. Python 3.5+ must be installed on a computer running Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. The Python-fitbit-master library must be installed from Github..

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