Pioneer AVR Smart Home Software


Software for monitoring and controlling Pioneer AVR (Audio and Video Receivers) over networks. Can be used with automation systems and / or Smartphones / Tablets / PCs. Uses the Mqtt protocol.
Make it possible to control by voice with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri (with Homebridge).


Software for monitoring and controlling Pioneer AVRs such as SC-57, SC-55, VSX-53, VSX-LX53, VSX-52, VSX-1121, VSX-51, VSX-1021, VSX-1120, VSX-50 etc. over Ethernet or wifi using MQTT.
Requires an MQTT broker such as Mosquitto mqtt broker and an Mqtt client that can be an automation system that supports Mqtt. This applies to most systems on the market today such as HomeSeer 3/4, Home Assistant, Homey, Fibaro HC3, Iobroker, Node Red and others.
The Mqtt broker and our software run under Python 3.8.x on Windows / Linux (Ubuntu / Raspberry Pi) and MacOs.

Mqtt commands supported:
pioneer/set/power=0,1 ->power off,on
pioneer/set/mute=0,1 ->mute off,on
pioneer/set/volume=Up,Down,level -> level 0-185 (000-185)
pioneer/set/source=source_id ->set source see XML file
pioneer/set/mode=mode_id ->set listeningMode
pioneer/set/tone=(0,1,9) ->set tone off,on,toggle
pioneer/set/bass=up,down,level -> level 0-12 +6db -> -6db 00-12
pioneer/set/treble=up,down,level -> level 0-12 +6db -> -6db 00-12
pioneer/set/phase=(0,1,9) ->set phase off,on,toggle
pioneer/set/speakers=(0,1,2,3,9) ->set speakers off,A,B,AB,toggle
pioneer/set/HDMI=(0,1,2,9) ->set HDMI out all,1,2,toggle
pioneer/set/HDMI-Audio=(0,1,9) ->set HDMI-Audio out Amp,Through,toggle
pioneer/set/PQLS=(0,1,9) ->set PQLS off,auto,toggle
pioneer/set/chLevel=channel:CLU:xxx,CLD:xxx,CLV:xxx:26-74 xxx=channel as ‘C__’,’


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