Utvendige hetter for Blauberg Vento Expert Duo serien

kr 720.00kr 780.00

Utvendige 160mm hetter for Vento Expert Duo vifter.



Decoration of supply and exhaust vents of public, residential and industrial ventilation systems.Outdoor wall mounting.

MODIFICATIONS AH-10 white 100, 125 and 160: models in white colour.AH-10 chrome 100, 125 and 160: models with an aluminium plate with brushed stainless steel effect finish.

Made of white PVC.High resistance to ultraviolet. Non-inflammable.Compatible with Ø 100, 125 and 160 mm air ducts.AH-10 160 is connected to Ø 150 and 160 mm air ducts.Equipped with a canopy to remove water drops from walls. 


Vekt 1 kg
Dimensjoner 22 × 23 × 5.4 cm

Hvit, Krom, Sort, Grå, Brun, Antrasitt Grå, Tynn vegg- hvit, Tynn vegg- antrasitt grå, Tynn vegg- krom


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