Blauberg CD1- Karbondioksid(Co2) sensor

kr 3,600.00

Karbondioksid sensor for de fleste typer ventilasjonsystemer.
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Indoor carbon dioxide concentration measurement.Air capacity control depending on CO2 concentration. Efficient energy saving device.DESIGNThe sensor has two separate outputs, a normally opened dry relay contact and an analogue output 0–10 V that is adjustable fo 2–10 V/ 0–20 mA/4–20 mA. The relay output is used to turn the fan on/off depending on indoor CO2 concentration and the analogue output is used for smooth fan speed control for a fan with EC motor or a fan with extra speed controller with 0–10 V input. In case of smooth fan speed control the fan speed varies proportionally to carbon dioxide emissions. Due to the relay and analogue outputs the sensor is compatible with any ventilation system. The self-calibration system ensures reliable sensor operation during the sensor service life.
MODIFICATIONSСD-1: integrated LED lights for indication of CO2 concentration and a touch button for operation mode switching (mode 1: on, mode 2: off, mode 3: operation according to CO2 concentration). The button is used to turn the fan on or turn it off when CO2-based ventilation is not required.  CD-2: no integrated LED-lights and no touch button. This model is recommended for premises requiring permanent ventilation as school classes and other public premises.


Wall surface mounting.24 VAC low current power supply.The sensor has a socket for AT power unit offered as an accessory (AT-220/25 or AT-120/25 models).


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