Real Time Earthquake and Tsunami warning


The program allows you to get an alert about earthquakes and tsunami right into your smart home system and / or
on your smartphone as a push message.
Compatible with Windows, linux, MacOs, etc.


Get earthquakes and tsunami alerts right into your smart home system and on your smartphone. Data comes from U.S.  Geological Survey ( and is then processed by our program before they are  forwarded to your smartphone or into your smart home system via the Mqtt broker. Compatible with HomeSeer, Home Assistant, Homey, Fibaro HC3, Node Red, Iobroker, OpenHAB and others. You can choose whether you want data on your smartphone or on the mqtt broker, or both. What happens to the information depends on which rules are set up. Eg minimum strength on earthquakes and distance to quakes. To get data into your smartphone, you need a Pushover account, and to get them into the smart home system, you need access to a Mqtt broker (local or public). The program is compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOs and other systems that can run Python 3.x. Screen dump from the python program shows that an earthquake and a tsunami alert have been detected. Status messages from Pushover to your smartphone. By clicking on the link you enter the USGS pages that show the earthquake on a map. The Mqtt broker displays data like this. Here the data from the broker is processed in the mcsMqtt plugin for HomeSeer Hs3 so that they enter Hs3. And in HomeSeer, the data can be used to set up rules for further use. In the cfg file you enter your own location, broker info, pushover info mm.


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