Aeotec – ZW096 Smart Switch m/forbruksmåling 3000W 13A

kr 850.00

Z-Wave Plus Plug-in Smart Switch Module (EU-Schuko plug) from Aeotec – ZW096 with Power Metering feature.

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Z-Wave Plus Plug-in Smart Switch Module (EU-Schuko plug) from Aeotec – ZW096 with Power Metering feature.

Control your appliances, turning them ON or OFF remotely or via a schedule. Monitor how much a appliance is costing with real-time energy monitoring and reporting. The colour ring built in to the ZW096 indicates on/off status and amount of current used by changing color.

Smart sockets – Plug it into any power outlet in your home and that outlet is instantly smarter. Smart Switch 6 is a smart plug that lets you wirelessly control whatever is plugged into it. You can do that via remote control or a smart phone, and from an automation schedule or from the power outlet itself. Now your wall socket is smarter and connected. And because it’s truly smart, Smart Switch 6 offers much more than just wireless control.

Save on what you spend – Smart Switch 6 has world-class energy monitoring technology built right in. In real-time it can understand how much electricity your devices are using and let you know. It does that via the Aeotec LED Ring. 16 million colours of light are used to visually communicate how much electricity is being used.

See what you spend – Smart Switch 6 doesn’t just visually communicate how much electricity you’re using, it also reports it back to your Z-Wave gateway in real-time. From anywhere in the world you’ll be able to see which devices are turned on and how much that is costing you. Compatible gateways will also help you store and analyse your historical energy consumption.

Gjennom z-wave protokollen er den kompatibel med de fleste automasjonsystemer som HomeSeer Hs3 m.m.

  • Communicates via Z-Wave Plus RF (868,42 MHz)
  • Range: up to 150m outdoors
  • Group for Association: 2 (Max 5 nodes per Group)
  • Security: AES-128 encryption
  • Support: Beaming and Z-Wave explorer frames
  • Over The Air (OTA) firmware upgrades
  • Manual operation via push-on button and remote control via Z-Wave radio system transmitters
  • Functions: Switch ON, switch OFF, Power Metering
  • Return to previous status after Power loss (configurable)
  • Switching capacity: 3000W or 13A max output (for Resistive Load)
  • USB output: DC 5V±5%, 1000mA
  • Energy measurement accuracy: <500W @ ±1%
  • Power consumption: 0,5W
  • Surge and overcurrent protection

Click here to visit Aeotec Support and Firmware Update page for Smart Switch 6

Protokoll Z-Wave Plus
Enhetstype Slave with routing capabilities, Binary Switch
Støtter Z-Wave Beaming teknologi? Ja
Støtter Z-Wave nettverkssikkerhet? Ja
Støtter Z-Wave AES-128 sikkerhet S0? Ja
Støtter Z-Wave sikkerhet S2? Nei
Firmware oppgraderbar? Ja
Strømmålingsfunksjon? Ja
Styreelement Relay
Maksimal belastning 3000W eller 13A (for resistiv last)
Nominell spenning 230V AC, 50Hz
Driftstemperatur -10°C ~ 45°C
Beskyttelse IP20
Størrelse (L x B x H) mm 60 x 60 x 34
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